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A little about this eccentric character



Originally from the New Orleans area, I grew up surrounded by people from all around the U.S. and the world to visit that special city. I spent lots of time around the French Market on Sunday afternoon meeting people, sharing some of the unique qualities of the city, and learning about their native culture. Little did I realize at the time how valuable all of these experiences were and how much they would shape my life going forward.

My cultural heritage is Cajun, coming from the bayou Cajun culture on my Father’s side, and the rural farming Cajuns on my Mother’s side. Mixed with that is a Spaniard influence from the settlers from the Canary Islands on my Grandfather’s side. These Islenos, as they are known by, settled in the lower portion of St Bernard Parish in the late 18th century. Getting to see both ways of life helped cement my pride in my Cajun heritage. The two traits learned from these different ways of life is to work hard and to play hard. Laughing and having fun with friends and family no matter the situation is a valuable tool to have during rough times.

In my professional career I was a Registered Nurse working in the Operating Room. I retired from the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps in 2004, and retiring from Perioperative Registered Nursing in 2013. After retiring, I’ve taken up several hobbies. I started getting interested in fountain pens during the Covid years and my passion continues to grow. I have learned a lot during these past few years from a lot of other pen folks and feel a sense of obligation to pass on information to possibly help others on their own journey. I’m no pro but can share what I’ve learned.

I hope you find the information on these pages helpful in learning about fountain pens or exploring more about the Cajun experiences.

I’m retired and living in western Washington State. I’m married to Cajun Pen Lady and we have 2 adult children along with 7 grandkids…Life Is Good

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